Thursday, 14 February 2013

Beyond Simple [2B.2]

Day 2 of Kim's Beyond Beyond Class was awesome for me!

Besides great tips and tricks on Aperture settings, Kim took us through the start to finish steps for processing a photo . . . mostly in Lightroom!

By the time I had finished watching her short video tutorials 
I HAD to have Lightroom! 
I downloaded a 30 day free trial at the Adobe website, and I am thrilled so far (but have much to learn!
I am in Love! 

Challenge 1: 
Download sample photo or use your own and give the steps (from tutorial) a go or do your own thing.
I used Kim's photo, not only to got through the steps and to experiment but also to learn a bit about the Lightroom software . . .
I messed around so much that in the end I can't exactly remember what I did!!
I flipped Kim's original photo horizontally and added a warmer tone than she has in her tutorial, just to see how it was different. I used her "- 43 texture" and added a quote by Oscar Wilde.

Original photo and texture layer (-43) by Kim Klassen

Next I am going to find a photo of my own to experiment with!

Challenge 2:
Experiment with your camera. 
Set up a shot and shoot, bumping the f/stop, one stop at a time. 
Move in closer and do it again.
This exercise totally fascinated me!
Perhaps, as someone who once used a Nikon FM SLR back in the day, it shouldn't have . . .

I won't bore you with the gory details . . . 
but have chosen two shoots, SOOC, to demonstrate the difference.

f/stop 5

f/stop 32

Can you see the difference?

I love the dreamier effect one can get with the lower f/stop!
Not that garlic is particularly dreamy . . .

Not exactly the epitome of Valentine's Day wishes either . . .
But wishing you a happy Valentine's Day anyway!

Love, Janet xo

Beyond Layers

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  1. Lovely post and edit on Kim's photo, you have added such warmth. Lightroom is fantastic, I know I fell in love with it a couple of years ago when I trialed in for 30 day and have never looked back.