Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Beyond Fun!! [2B.14]

I know I have been remiss with my blog posts but
I am juggling so many balls right now that I just don't have the time!
I have managed to post all challenges on the classroom wall and on Flickr
...so far...
Running behind and just getting to last week's class!!
What a treat this class was...and the timing was just perfect because
I have a mass of sequential photos of my adorable niece
and I was not happy with a tryptic or other collage treatment.

So now I can make a million little gifs of the sweetest little one on the planet!

Here was my first attempt, made from a series of photos taken last summer.
She spent a lot of time that day putting on and taking off my sun glasses.

I am thinking I might have to figure out how to slow down the pace...

You'll have to make a trip back to see the animated story of
some of the other fun we had that day.

Or maybe I should make one of myself, juggling all those balls...

Promise I will be back when things settle down a bit.

Janet xo

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